SATURDAY, Dec 15 2012 | 8:00 pm

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There's good electronic music, and then there's good music that happens to be electronic. Trans Am is very much the latter. A Maryland trio known for their constant reinventions and surprising dedication to the craft, they can be described as little more than pioneers. In the case of their newest album, Things, they explore the electronic front without restraint while still never losing the rock elements that brought them together.

The way Trans Am approach music is almost comical. They exist on the fine line that separates art and parody, using their quasi-futuristic synthpop to amuse and engage their audience. Drawing upon the retro future, Things brings to mind images of the final frontier as it was once heard by stoners, Trekkies, and the followers of Stanley Kubrick. The album's abstract cover art (a signature feature on all of their releases) helps to further the image of travels through space and time, leaving one no choice but to surrender to the kitsch of it all.