FRIDAY, Mar 15 2013 | 8:30 pm

When you listen to The New Kinetics, the last place you would think they were coming from would be San Diego. The truth is they aren’t. It's just the city where they met. Gritty and dynamic, The New Kinetics bring to the stage a brand of shock pop not typically found on these shores. Though pleased as punch to defy the beach stigma with brash guitar, captivating bass, intense, flowing drums and vocals that will have you removing the remains of your mind off the back wall.

Playfully satiric lyricist, Birdy Bardot, captivates listeners with a unique and lively vocal presence. Brian Reilly, with an unrelenting, in your face, guitar timbre will send any foolish fledgling ears still left in the crowd quivering behind their larger. Leslie Schultze leads a cool and focused bass guitar and gels effortlessly alongside the incredibly fluid beat of Jon Bonser on the drums.

Performing extensively in the San Diego area in the fall of 2010, the band recorded and released their first album ‘Rock and Roll Has Got to Go’. By spring break 2011 they were touring hot spots in NYC and Brooklyn such as the Trash Bar in Williamsburg. Summer of that same year found The New Kinetics on a two week tour of the West Coast promoting a new record, ‘Contact', a step closer to the polished sound of fellow native The Soft Pack yet rootsy and brash similar to early Rolling Stones. Charismatic and toe tapping from start to finish.