SUNDAY, Sep 25 2011 | 9:00 pm

COLOUR REVOLT, Colourmusic, Phasers On Stun - $10
Pretty much every band in history has had internal conflict, or members leave over some such inter-band strife. Not every band is able to push past that and create some of their most personal and cohesive material to date. Two years after the release of their full length 2008 debut, Colour Revolt core members Jesse Coppenbarger and Sean Kirkpatrick -- return with their sophomore album The Cradle.

The Cradle is unashamedly candid, and Coppenbarger and Kirkpatrick have no problem pulling back the curtain on the bands past life and skeletons. In songs like 8 Years and Our Names, the band explores new areas of their songwriting, while their storytelling style vents through personal issues and finds characters like Carol in Reno. They reveal the private moments of a life on tour and at home in 8 Years, while the guitars in She Dont Talk mirror Television and Elvis Costello. Brooks Tipton (keys) and Kirkpatricks ethereal tones swirl in the background of woven harmonies in the dynamic, pounding march of Heartbeat and Mona Lisa. Vocal harmonies, infectious melodies, and incessant drums pervade throughout the entire record. Its evident that Coppenbarger and Kirkpatrick are finding the pulse of honest, brutal songwriting.

Colour Revolt/Colourmusic Tour Sampler by willmcdonald

Colour Revolt - 8 Years from on Vimeo.