Sweet Spirit

DoSD presents

Sweet Spirit

The Lulls, Snowball II

Saturday, May 20, 2017

8:30 pm

Soda Bar


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Sweet Spirit
Sweet Spirit
Ironically, the eight-piece band Sweet Spirit started as a solo project.

Austin singer Sabrina Ellis was going through some distressing times: the band that she fronted for several years, Bobby Jealousy, with her then husband was disintegrating along with their relationship. Everything Ellis was working toward was suddenly in free-fall.

She started Sweet Spirit to hone her ability to write and perform on her own. “It was supposed to be focused on me writing solo, and performing with the guitar,” she says. But it didn’t stay that way for long.

When Ellis started Sweet Spirit, she was still writing and performing with her longstanding garage punk band A Giant Dog. AGD Co-founder Andrew Cashen was intrigued by Ellis’ new emphasis on soul and country and pop music as touchstones for Sweet Spirit and quickly climbed on board the project. “I’m very comfortable doing loud and fast,” Cashen says, “so this is uncharted territory for me.”

Together Ellis and Cashen began turning out songs at a breakneck pace. They assembled a core band of four more members, rehearsed religiously, and started playing gigs around town. Immediately they began turning heads and packing clubs.

Within six months they had gotten noticed by one of Austin’s most famous musical residents, Britt Daniel of Spoon. In October of 2014, Daniel asked the band to perform at Spoon’s “secret” tour kick off show at the cramped rock club Hotel Vegas for their latest record They Want My Soul, and Sweet Spirit was quickly thrown into the local buzzmill.

As Austin accolades continued to pile up into 2015, Sweet Spirit was added as an official SXSW showcase act without a full-length record or ever having applied. National attention from Esquire, the L.A. Times and other outlets solidified their status as Austin’s “next great rock band” and earned them a spot as the opener on 12 Midwest and West Coast Spoon tour dates.

Meanwhile, the band released their full-length debut Cokomo, as well as a two song collaboration with Daniel, receiving praise from Stereogum, Consequence Of Sound, SPIN, and other outlets, and leading to two more national tours.

In between shows, the band found time to work with producer Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Deer Tick) on their sophomore full-length St. Mojo. The new record comes out on April 7, 2017 on Austin label Nine Mile Records and features a bigger, more dynamic set of songs. Lead single "The Power" has already become a fan favorite at live shows, while the Queen-esque track "The Mighty" and Prince dance funk of "I Wanna Have You" take the band is exciting, unexpected new directions. Guest contributions from members of Grupo Fantasma, Mother Falcon and A Giant Dog help expand the band's already considerable sound.
The Lulls
Snowball II
Snowball II is a psychedelic shoegaze and experimental indie rock band that is native to, despite of their chilly moniker, sunny Los Angeles. Snowball II's forthcoming debut album mystically entitled '?' is set for release in winter 2016. Do not be deceived by California's palm trees and bikinis; although this record was dreamt up and recorded only miles from some of Hollywood's hottest stars under the sun, it translates the dark whirrs of obsession, infinity and anxiety in a 59-minute soundscape that'll have you set the record on repeat and infinitum.
Snowball II is fronted by and under the direction of Berklee College of Music educated, 23 year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer Jackson Wargo. These intricate and innovative songs were all produced, written and recorded by Wargo himself at his home studio in Long Beach, which alowed for his artistic vision of each song to be fully realized. The record sounds like an imaginative combination of My Bloody Valentine's swirling guitar textures surrounding Spacemen 3's tremolo drones and accompanied by melodies so catchy one is apt to mistake them as covers of the Kinks. These melodies are sung through the lyrics of an unpretentious, 21st century James Joyce reincarnate.
This is a band with influences from all around the map, and is a band which is unafraid to approach genre with such fluidity it is difficult to bind them to one style. The album's first single, "I Can Come," is the catchiest neopsychedelic song since Animal Collective's "My Girls." The song was released along with a wild, unapologetic music video codirected by Kevin Anton and Tyler Taormina. One of the band's first recordings (which won't be on the album) will be heard in Gavin Weisen's upcoming film The Runaround.
Snowball II is forging the sonic future of indie music by a pastiche of textures that have been forgotten for decades and sounds that have not been made before; it makes you wonder what this band is going to do next.
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