Jenny Don't And The Spurs

Jenny Don't And The Spurs

Ypsitucky, Trailduster

Friday, June 30, 2017

8:30 pm

Soda Bar


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This event is 21 and over

Jenny Don't And The Spurs
Jenny Don't And The Spurs
Jenny Don't and the Spurs are Portland's hottest new roots-country four piece. Featuring Jenny Don't (Don't, Ladies Of The Night), Kelly Halliburton (P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., Pierced Arrows), JT Halmfilst (Thee Headliners, Audios Amigos) and Sam Henry (Wipers, Rats, Napalm Beach, Don't), Jenny Don't and the Spurs bring a variety of musical styles and a formidable wealth of experience to the stage.

While the sound of the Spurs is original and draws from deep wells of personal experience, the band pays stylistic homage to the greats of the genre – Patsy Cline, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams Sr., Loretta Lynne, and all the rest of the real players from the 1940s and 50s… an era where the lines between Rock’n’Roll and Country were blurred, where the likes of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins could tour together and nobody would bat an eye.

Jenny Don't and the Spurs have also recently released a limited-edition 7" vinyl 45 on Fred Cole's label Tombstone Records and a full length 12" on Doomtown Sounds.

"'I like everything but country.' It's the eternal refrain of high schoolers and idiots nationwide (don't even get me started on high-school idiots). But there's hope for the kids yet. Enter Jenny Don't and the Spurs. Backed by notable Portland musicians—Kelly Halliburton (Pierced Arrows), Sam Henry (Wipers, the Rats) and JT Halmfilst (a jillion bands)—Ms. Don't, who previously played with Henry in the band bearing her surname, has released an album of 10 punky country hits that will blow the minds of those who only know the genre through Auto-Tuned CMT fare. The songs run the gamut from the lilting waltz of "Carry Me Home" to the garagey lurch of "Hot as a Desert," but are all grounded by a similar theme."
- Willamette Week

"A band that boasts the ranks of Portland musical royalty (the Wipers' Sam Henry and Pierced Arrows' Kelly Halliburton) issuing its debut full-length would be noteworthy enough as is. But Jenny Don't and the Spurs, whose self-titled album sees its release at tonight's show, will win you over even before you flip the jacket to look at the musician credits. Playing vintage country and western straight out of the lonesomest corners of mid-20th century America, Don't and her cohorts sound nothing like a museum piece; rather, there's grit, sadness, and an edge of danger to these rumbling-boxcar country songs. "
- The Portland Mercury

"Jenny Don't and The Spurs are a fantastic independent country and western quartet who sing heart wrenching songs about emotional turmoil wit passion and honesty. The quartet's debut self titled CD will make classic country western music fans extremely proud."
- Jersey Beat
Ypsitucky is a new group formed by El Monte Slim’s Ian Trumbull. While the Slim are on temporary hold, Michigan transplant Trumbull added Slim’s rhythm section of Ruben Ramos (bass) and Paul Brewin (drums) to his guitar, vocals, and songwriting. No pedal steel player, but the new ingredient is fiddler Heather Vorwerck, who was featured in spots on the Slim’s 2013 If I Could Just Break Even. The band name? It’s what you call someone from Ypsilanty, Michigan (Trumbull’s old stomping grounds) when you want to start something. Their new EP is New Old Lady.

Retaining Trumbull’s strong songwriting, the six-tune package (recorded by Christopher Hoffee) adds some bluegrass feel to Slim’s blue-collar country. “No Reserves” jumps on the gas from the starting gate, an energetic country rocker which grinds just right, with Vorwerck standing out. The lyrics to all of the songs are in the sleeve, and “What a Mess” keeps the juices flowing, as Trumbull relates personal tribulations in another full-throttle arrangement.

The band shows an eclectic edge with “Better Watch Your Back Boy,” a catchy 3/4 ballad with a great hook that pulls influences from old folk as well as grass sources. While there are no weak tracks, the best is likely “Bruiser,” telling the tale of a woman who “Keeps her ring on for every swing/ Gets it resized every time.” The tune rocks, and with the fiddle helping, it rings early Jackson Browne bells. Throughout, Ypsitucky’s New Old Lady is tasty, enjoyable roots music. ––San Diego Troubadour
Born in Birminham, Alabama, and raised in a small town outside of Milwaukee, WI Matthew moved to California in the late 1990's. There he continued to play music, splitting time between rock and country. He played with Action Andy in the Black Bottom Boozers for a bit before finding a home in Bartenders Bible for more than a decade. Now he's on his own, with a new record and a fresh start, and he'd love for you to come out and share a drink with him one of these nights. You may also know him from the hardcore band the Long and Short of It, who are playing regularly.
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Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92104