Jim Rao Fan Club 34


Social Spit, Bossfight, The Dirtbag Surfers

Saturday, July 29, 2017

2:00 pm (event ends at 7:00 pm)

Soda Bar


This event is 21 and over

SKAAL is a punk band from Orange County California.
Social Spit
Social Spit
After more than 35 years,we can't even get it straight!1979-80,Singer Bruce "Scabs" Atwell, Drummer Brian Watkins, Bassist Bosco and excess guitar player Squirrel. That band broke up and in November 1980 Bruce Atwell approached Jonny V at a Black Flag show and during the discussion it was agreed that Social Spit would be re-created. After trying out various people, bassist Russ Weber joined the fray and in December 1980, the first new Social Spit show was played at the Lions Club on Utah St in San Diego..... Bruce Atwell quit Social Spit in January 1981 and was promptly replaced by Cliff "Pre-PegLeg" Cunningham - and so Social Spit existed until August 1981 when we decided to quit..... One"Reunion"show was played in 1982 at Kings Road on 30th Street, this was the last show where Brian and Russ ever played with S.S. It was at that show, Mad Mark Rude announced "There should be a Social Spit reunion every year!" - Well not every year, but frequently!.... In late 1985 Social Spit reformed with Drummer Paul "Scumdog" Valentine and Bassist Sean "Diatribe" Coley, 6 months later Sean was replaced with Bassist Mike Von-Geitzen. In 1986, Spit recorded a full DEMO at Music Power in San Diego... Cliff sold these by the bakers dozen at Off the Record, and a copy was sent to Tim Yohanan in Beserkey, CA: Tim, the Pontiff of "Maximum ROCKNROLL" - Liked the demo very much - And he also liked, the Mystic Records Super-Seven "PSYCHO WARD", recorded at 619 Studio in Del Mar, and released in 1987!.... Mike Von Geitzen and Skumdog left the band in late 87 but right before that, Social Spit had a 2nd guitar player, John Chandler who played three shows. John can be seen in the Mystic Record videos of Kids from Nowhere, Reagan Gun Club and All the Beggars. Mike was replaced with Dave "Psycho" Nestor on Bass and Javier Vega on Drums, John did not survive into that new Spit. The first show with that lineup MAY have been (This is point of contention between Cliff and Jonny) the the KCR benefit at Saigon Palace sometime in late 87. 1988 saw the release of the "Social Spit- Live" EP on Mystic Records. In 1988, the record "SHIT LIST" was recorded at Nestor Studios in El Cajon, but was not released until 1989, due to red tape and other wankage from Mystic Records. The album was re-named "There's No Place like Home" and sported a cover by Mad Marc Rude. ....In 1993 Kriss Roth(drums)and Rudy(bass) joined up.The line up of Cliff,Jonny,Dave,and Javier tried a go of it in the late 90's but it never really took off. It was in Fall of 2004, Jonny contacted Dan Skum of Inciting Riots about playing in a new SPIT Lineup - Danny though it was a practical joke, but it wasn't! And so Cliff came back and Ugly Lenny on Bass rounded out a new SPIT! And In 2005, from Jan to July Social Spit played 25th anniversary shows starting at The Alibi in Hillcrest and ending at Joe and Andy's Dive bar in La Mesa.In summer of 2005 11 songs were recorded at Glenn Taylor's in Lemon Grove. Social Spit has returned in 2010 for our 30th anniversary: with Jonny Vee and Cliff "Pegleg" Cunningham, returning with 2005 member Ugly Lenny and new member Jimi Flynn on drums (ex-Ministry of Truth)- Jimi played with us until May,but due to a new job and scheduling issues we now have Javier Vega on drums, who has come back "Ten Years After" the last time he played in Spit!........ SOCIAL SPIT are today:.... Cliff "Pegleg" Cunningham: Vocals..Jonny V: Guitar.. Ugly Lenny : Bass.. Duncan Scott: Drums.... 2013 to present.
Southern California Punk Rock
The Dirtbag Surfers
The Dirtbag Surfers are bottom dwelling third world mutants hatched from the ocean floor off of Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.

They play evil ultra lo-fi primitive psycho surf trash garage rock.

With their patent pending Dirt-Stortion© sound, the Dirtbag Surfers will have you grabbing your ears and your ankles, too.


"In 1961, when America was giving birth to surf music, one band was already trying to kill it." – The Dirtbag Surfers
Venue Information:
Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92104