Imagery Machine

Imagery Machine

Skyterra, Kingdom Of Lights

Thursday, July 27, 2017

8:30 pm

Soda Bar


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Imagery Machine
Imagery Machine
Home grown in San Diego, Imagery Machine is no stranger to the city’s eclectic music scene. Its members include four of the city’s most talented young veterans, who only recently came together to create an ethereal, yet driven style of music. While the group would describe themselves as female-fronted San Diego rock music, Imagery Machine also embodies the spiritual reincarnation of classic rock and jam bands from yesteryear, adding to it their unique, modern perspective. Comprised of lead guitarist James Howard, drummer Tyler Shimkus and vocalist/keys player Daechelle Hernandez, this innovative group is heralded by the haunting, soulful lead vocals of Jennie Lynn. The color of their vibrations shines in their performances, and the group commands a stirring stage presence that has already packed some of San Diego’s most popular venues. Just like their live shows, Imagery Machine’s studio recordings bring forth a powerful, touching emotionalism paired with intimate lyrics and a galvanic beat that is all too rare in the modern age.
Skyterra, winner of the 2017 Best New Artist San Diego Music Award, is an uptempo piano based alternative rock band with both male and female singers that write songs about life and love.

Coming from San Diego, the band consists of Chetan, Melissa, Carlos and Jon. Even though two of them (Chetan and Melissa) have excelled as classical concert pianists, they all share a love for current and forward-thinking music; so they created this project that you might call piano-based futuristic rock or alternative electronic music. Their sound contains atmospheric synths and bass intertwined with acoustic piano, beautiful floating guitar leads, electronic and acoustic drums, and both male and female singers. Some of their influences include Coldplay, Radiohead, The XX, and Portishead.

Chetan and Melissa met in conservatory at the Cleveland Institute of Music while studying with the same piano teacher. During this time, Chetan, a Yamaha Artist, had a lot of success performing around the world and gaining top prizes in the most prestigious and rigorous piano competitions, soloing with orchestra, and performing in world class venues such as Carnegie Hall. Melissa pursued classical piano from an eclectic approach, garnering attention premiering new music internationally. Their paths nearly went down the route of a classical performance career, but their passion was in creating their own music.

Later, they met Jon as they were in a position to replace a drummer from their previous band. They auditioned quite a few drummers, but Jon stood out so clearly with his precision and creativity that Chetan declared “I will never let him go." Jon’s high musical training and quick instincts made him a great pairing to add to the mix as they all work methodically with precision and detail while caring deeply about the art and passion behind it all.

A year into their growth as a band, they were approached by guitarist, Carlos Morales and instantly fell in love with his unique guitar sound. It was literally the perfect missing piece to the band’s sound.

Skyterra's mission is to spread awareness, self-acceptance, and oneness through the power of music while challenging and influencing the notion that high art can excel in a popular medium. Their lyrics draw from personal experience and also address connectivity, including subjects of love and coming of age. While they aim to spin things in a positive, hopeful manner, they enjoy exploring the dark side as well.

Having launched in spring 2016 Skyterra released it’s Debut EP titled “Rise” on November 11th and is planning more releases later this year. They are quickly gaining popularity in San Diego and have played to full houses at the Music Box, Casbah, House of Blues and other popular local venues as well as hosted special private shows at their house. Their show features the virtuosic talent of the performers as well as their depth of emotion.
Kingdom Of Lights
Kingdom of Lights are a band with lots of moving parts. There are multiple vocalists, jangling dream-pop guitars, high-minded ideals, the robotic rhythmic pulse of dance music, some modest ambition and a sort of mystic Eastern vibe, all smashed together and given to the sky.
A park ranger, a Qi Gong practitioner, a massage therapist, and the child of a Kundalini master -- meet the KINGDOM:

Laura Fontana is one of

Khalsa is RTF’s partner in songwriting, and a vocalist, producer, and keyboardist. The son of a Navy Seal and a Yogini, his unique musical imprint reveals a history of self-exploration and transformation.

A Qi Gong master from Colorado who goes only by RTF guided the formation of KINGDOM OF LIGHTS. His magnetic guitar hovers like a pulsating mass of light waves over the original music crafted by himself and Raef Khalsa. KINGDOM OF LIGHTS’ lead vocalists. A certified massage therapist and holistic health practitioner, her energy and healing work fuel her singing and lyrical composition.

Melanie Fontana, KINGDOM OF LIGHTS’ vocalist & synths, is a Park Ranger by day with a degree in environmental science and religious studies she earned during a stay in India

KINGDOM OF LIGHTS: conjuring the spirit of music by opening up doors to the unknown.
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Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92104