Red City Radio

Red City Radio

Odd Robot, Sic Waiting, Protagonist

Friday, October 13, 2017

8:30 pm

Soda Bar

$12.00 - $14.00

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This event is 21 and over

Red City Radio
Red City Radio
If, as the saying goes, life is less what happens to you and more how you deal with it, RED CITY RADIO have succeeded in spades, insatiable in their heart and singular focus.

Since forming in 2009 in Oklahoma City, Red City Radio have proven their punk-rock proficiency, turning in beloved albums (2011’s The Dangers of Standing Still and 2013’s Titles) and winning over fans around with the world with a sweat-soaked, raved-about live show honed by years of touring along acts like Strung Out, New Found Glory, and Anti-Flag.

But the band— Garrett Dale, guitarist Ryan Donovan, drummer Dallas Tidwell and bassist Jonathan “Jojo” Knight—are evolving, both professionally and personally: Red City Radio marks the group’s first album for Staple Records (after years spent with Paper + Plastick)

The new contrast between Dale’s gruff tenor (now the sole lead voice) and an increasingly rock-based musicality gives Red City Radio an innately fascinating dynamic. As such, songs like the power pop-leaning “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Rad” and slow-burning, country-tinged “… I’ll Catch A Ride” showcase the band’s newfound versatility and expand the definition of just what a Red City Radio song can—and should—sound like.

It’s this nuance and nimbleness that makes Red City Radio such a stirring listen. Named one of the most anticipated albums of 2015 by Fuse and VICE - hailed by outlets like PunkNews, also receiving 4 out of 5 stars from Rolling Stone, the album isn’t wholesale change, but rather the sound of a band expanding its influence and stepping outside itself to keep pushing forward. A sound once reminiscent of punk stalwarts like Hot Water Music has now swelled to include hooky rock á la Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World, and even Dale’s love of country.
Odd Robot
"....Odd Robot‘s debut LP, A Late Night Panic, is pretty much what I had hoped for. It’s fast, it’s loud and best of all, and it’s got hooks-a-plenty.
While the guitars propel each song at a fierce pace, the melodies are memorable and the vocals are extraordinarily good. Burris can really sing. The opening track, “Bleeding Out”, is a 1:51 long adrenaline rush. The roller coaster ride continues with the equally appealing title track. The mid-tempo “Knife and a Cigarette” is a standout as the guitars chug along into a killer hook of a chorus. “Summer’s Old” is another gem, a mid-tempo track about breakup that is anything but cliché. It’s hard not to love the rapid fire guitar riffs on this one. The guitars are just wonderful throughout the entirety A Late Night Panic.
Cascading guitar lines make “Undead Army” particularly engaging while “Tired of Waking Up” is classic power pop of the highest order. Things slow down with the acoustic “Satellite” to end the disc and leave the listener wanting more.
Odd Robot’s A Late Night Panic is a very pleasant surprise. Recommended for fans of Green Day, Descendents, and punk-pop in general. While it’s early yet, this is one of my top power pop albums of the year so far." - Power Pop News

"ODD ROBOT’S DEBUT LP WILL CROON ITS WAY INTO YOUR HEART........Indeed, they have a sound similar to the Popes and to Alkaline Trio, particularly akin to their earlier records." -Punktastic
Sic Waiting
Punk from Southern California, believe it or not. Old and getting older, awake but getting tired. We've been around a long while and through many incarnations, and have now pretty much accepted our fate. Let's party.

"A punk band from Southern California with a lot of years and miles and beers under the belt, Sic Waiting has played with most of the names in the scene you actually recognize and put out records that hold up next to those same names, yet has somehow figured out a way to stay relevant and relatively unknown. An impressive feat, to be sure."

"So if you’re looking for something old, something new and something fresh then look no further. Anchors Astray has got it all covered. I wish I could be transported back in time once again to add this to my Top 10 list of 2010. Their next record is going to be one of the best of that year, whatever year that may be.”
- Jamie Reinhart

“The band is nothing if not a delicately-tuned machine. (The new EP VICES) captures the energy of the band’s live performance, more-so, I think, than on previous releases, while maintaining a polished veneer of layered guitars and incredible vocal harmonies.”
-Ross Hostage, For the Love of Punk

“2015 sees the return of Sic Waiting, with an expansive and concise new record in tow called 'Derailer.' From blazing, technical punk rock that the band has become known for to powerful mid-tempo rock songs that explore newer ground, Sic Waiting is re-enforcing their place in the scene. Produced by Chris Chasse (Rise Against, Great Collapse, Nations Afire), Derailer is once again Sic Waiting’s best effort to date, and they’re gearing up to visit all parts of the world to prove it.” – Jack Soprano, Birds
Used by John Denver Stanley (Stano) for his musical projects/collaborations (e.g. with Donal Ruane and Sean Devitt).
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Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92104