He Is We

He Is We

Heather Nation, Thea Tochihara

Monday, March 12, 2018

8:30 pm

Soda Bar


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This event is 21 and over

He Is We
He Is We
Rachel Taylor found inspiration for the name He Is We while growing up in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State. Shy and awkward, Rachel found solace and empowerment through her love for music and God. She quickly learned to focus her angst into writing and singing. She took a risk and shared her music with others and discovered that the joy it brought them doubled the joy it gave her. This was the impetus for her extreme passion to use her music as a means to reach others like her. She teamed up with a Tacoma music store co-worker, Trevor Kelly, and shared her vision for He Is We. The duo drew the attention of numerous major labels after posting original songs to social media. Young and naive, Rachel signed a music deal, along with Trevor, with Universal Motown, and then with Universal Republic. She “birthed” the album, My Forever, and then the EP, Skip to the Good Part. He Is We found commercial success with songs like Happily Ever After and All About Us. Early fan favorites also included songs, which pre-date the labels, like I Wouldn’t Mind and Pardon me. Due to a myriad of unexpected events, Rachel and Trevor parted ways and He Is We subsequently became solely Rachel and the fans. Rachel maintains that her original vision for He Is We remains steadfast. Rachel believes that He Is We is about “dropping our pride and fear and recognizing that the person(s) on stage and in the audience is us.” Rachel continues her journey to create music with a purpose.
Heather Nation
I've been singing since I was a little girl. We are all born with a purpose, and to have been blessed with knowing what my purpose is has been a gift, even if I haven't always known it. I have pursued a career as a performing singer/songwriter for 8 years on and off. During the off time, I knew I needed it back. Whether I knew it as a fact, or as a lingering feeling, music has always called to me.

In the springtime last year, I decided that I had the songs needed to make a collection worthy enough, and cohesive enough to create my first full length album. It meant so much to me to have cultivated over time a truly meant to be body of art. I knew in order to create an album of songs so important to me that I had to do it the right way, had to have all the right people, places, and products. From there we went on to create one of my most favorite bodies of work. I feel that my debut album SIRENS will be a perfect definition of what I was born into this planet to do.
Thea Tochihara
THEA! the band is a 4 piece indie/ rock/ pop/ soul project headed up by singer-songwriter Thea Tochihara. ‘THEA! the bands’ sound can be compared to that of whatever your favorite music is right now, but perhaps can be best summed up by asking “what kind of music do you play?”, to which the answer is typcially “whatever we write!” with the humblest of intentions and meaning.

Unabashedly sincere and unflinchingly honest lyrics, smart and creative bass lines, seasoned guitar tones and melodies that maturely expose themselves; and because of that they are truly brave and beautiful. These are the kind of songs that reward the listener with layers of meaning and memorable melodies. Even more rewarding is catching a live performance. THEA! delivers moving songs interspersed with humorous asides and creates an intimate relationship between performer and audience.
Venue Information:
Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92104