Knox Hamilton

The Beach Boy Tour

Knox Hamilton

Brother Sundance, Alex Di Leo

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:15 pm

Soda Bar

$12.00 - $14.00

This event is 21 and over

Knox Hamilton
Knox Hamilton
Brothers Boots and Cobo Copeland have been making music together their entire lives. From an early age, they self-taught themselves drums, guitar, and bass, filling their pastor father’s church with songs bathed in light and life. It’s the bond between Boots and Cobo that gives Knox Hamilton’s music a degree of familial intuition; a genetic thread of energy running between the two.

Knox Hamilton (comprised of Boots and Cobo and their longtime buddy and talented guitarist Drew Buffington) doesn’t make songs by mistake. Rather, they work hard at their craft, stacking gorgeous vocals on top of relatable lyrics and restless melodies. Every note, every chord, every lyric is intentionally created to wrap your mind in a warm embrace while still setting your soul free to wander the cosmos. One listen to the first single “Washed Up Together” from their debut album The Heights and you’ll agree the result is hard to argue with.

Before The Heights, the band released a 4-song EP called How's Your Mind that featured the runaway single "Work It Out." The addictive tune raced to the top of SiriusXM's Alt18 charts and reached "near-Adele levels on alt-rock radio" (Huffington Post), garnering KH the hard-earned respect of the indie rock community and over 7.9 million streams on Spotify. And that was just the beginning. Knox Hamilton is poised to break into the zeitgeist with innovative new songs filled with blistering electricity that still remind you of something real and familiar.

Creating music that nods to their small-town church roots while dedicating themselves to their far-reaching artistry, Knox Hamilton is a band built to last. And Boots, Cobo, and Drew are prepared to make that happen.
Brother Sundance
Brother Sundance
19-year old Rylan Talerico, a self-taught musician/producer, performs and records as Brother Sundance.

Rylan began playing the drums at the age of two and spent hours at his kit teaching himself his favorite songs as a child. Later, as a teenager, he picked up the guitar and began to sing, which eventually culminated in creating a punk-blues band, Wallace, with a group of friends. Wallace gained quick popularity, playing the South Florida underground circuit heavily for a year, and winning a Song of The Year award from The New Times Magazine.

But as Wallace gained in local awareness and was gigging several days a week, Rylan’s personal musical interests were evolving rapidly as he explored writing, recording and producing a new alt/pop sound. That exploration eventually led him to disband Wallace, and Brother Sundance was born.

Brother Sundance was a play on a family nickname—his parents and sister often called him derivations of the title Brother, to denote his role in the family. Brother Sundance was a frequent moniker and one that Rylan felt represented his new path forward. A path that would blur the lines of alternative, pop, DIY with his heavy interest in art, design and business in a new alchemy of a modern performing artist.

As a prolific artist, the Brother Sundance visual story—original artwork, photography, album art and merchandise design is all created or directed by Rylan himself. He sees these as integral to the music experience. Likewise, as a solo recording artist, he writes and produces all of the music, including playing every instrument.

For live performances he is grateful to be joined by an incredible group of talented musicians and friends to bring his music to life on stage. His love of performing is evident in his high energy set. “A performance is a way to bring together past and present. The past is the album, the recorded instance of each song which remain unchanged. The present is the show, the moment at hand, the audience, the venue. Living in that moment is important to me, and I love it.” he says of his show.

The Brother Sundance debut EP, Honey, is out now. The single Blind, has already been streamed over 5 million times, and he was selected as Apple Music’s New Artist of the Week. He’s also been featured on the Best of the Week Playlist several times and was named as a top 25 viral band in Canada by Spotify.
Venue Information:
Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92104