Ceramic Animal

Soda Bar presents

Ceramic Animal

Send Medicine, Buddha Trixie, T. Rexico

Sunday, September 9, 2018

7:00 pm

House of Blues - Voodoo Room

$12.00 - $14.00

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This event is all ages

Ceramic Animal
Ceramic Animal
A couple a nasty boys.

...That’s all this retro-fitted-indie-psych-pop-dad-rock-quartet really boils down to.

SXSW said they “Blend elements of 50s doo-wop, 60s psychedelia, and 70s easy-listening with a modern sensibility.”

Daytrotter thinks Ceramic Animal is “Joyous and full of pomp as well as being silky and sly.”

The Key (WXPN Philadelphia) hears “Soulfulness borrowed from The Doors with the slacker vibe of dad rockers everywhere.”

Yet Rock on Philly perhaps put it most elegantly. Simply: “Quit sleepin’ on our nasty boys.”

Riding the Spotify-fueled success of their first album “The Cart” (2016), the band has been heralded as a rising star in the psych-pop-revival movement. Their much anticipated second album is due out mid way though 2018, with their first national tour not far behind.
Send Medicine
Send Medicine
SEND MEDICINE began as the solo project for Toronto based singer/songwriter Julian Hacquebard in the summer of 2012. Julian then moved to Los Angeles, shaping a sound that LA Record called "a heady mix of psych, blues, folk and surf - a winning combination". Since, the band has expanded to a full lineup, with a live show featuring percussion, backing vocals, and theremin.

SEND MEDICINE has performed at Echo Park Rising, Summer Sweat 2015, The Satellite, The Bootleg Theater, and at Jam in the Van at Green in Pasadena. The band has been featured on Indie FM’s Buzzbands, The Deli’s Band of the Month, Hype Machine, Live on KSPC 88.7, KBeach Radio, and more.

In 2016, the band released their debut album “Scary Aquarius Daughter”, featuring lead single “July Eyes” and follow-up “Tall Flowers”. The album was performed by Salvatore Romano (Drums), Ryan Glennan (Percussion), Lauren Grimaldi (Percussion), Aaron Stern (Bass), and Connor Hill (Guitar).

SEND MEDICINE is currently touring and writing the follow-up, working out new songs on the road.
Buddha Trixie
Buddha Trixie began as an innocent and informal outlet for childhood friends Andrew Harris and Dennis Moon to get together and play guitar, exploring a shared love for Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. With his combination of some wicked Rock Band drum skills (once ranked as high as 16th in the world) and a natural need to perform, classmate and friend Daniel Cole was a perfect fit to man the drums and mic, joining the band in 2008. Their persistent friendship resulted in an organic chemistry, and what was strictly a hobby soon became much more. After honing their skills playing cover songs and unpolished funk jams, the three began to write original music. Then, in 2014, after the three went their separate ways for college, keyboardist/guitarist/all around player Kenzo Mann entered the fold, contributing a new dimension and some great hair to the band. With a zany tendency to change their aesthetic from song to song, the only constant with Buddha Trixie is what initially brought them together: a brotherly love for all manner of music.
T. Rexico
T. Rexico
Surfy combo from Chula Vista, California!
Venue Information:
House of Blues - Voodoo Room
1055 5th Ave
San Diego, CA, 92101