Mrs. Magician

Thrill Me presents

Mrs. Magician

Hideout, Calcutta Kid

Friday, July 27, 2018

8:30 pm

Soda Bar

$12.00 - $14.00

This event is 21 and over

Mrs. Magician
Mrs. Magician
"Combining the efficiency of punk with the hooks of power-pop, along with plenty of fuzzy guitar.” -AllMusic

“Caustically catchy.” -Consequence of Sound

“All killer and no filler.” -Pop Matters

“San Diego-based surf rock group, match their aggressive edge with occasional psychedelia and some prankster panache.” -Noisey

“A sonic punch in the face (in a good way) reminiscent of late 70’s punk.” -American Songwriter

Bermuda is the latest effort by San Diego’s dismal-pop outfit Mrs. Magician and their second full-length release on Swami Records.

The album offers a concise collection of punk songs inspired by the big sounds of classic ’60s pop and rock ’n’ roll, with structures more associated with ’70s and ’80s power pop. Thomas Garcia’s blissed-out backwash guitar tones and fuck-it fuzz attack juxtapose the band’s dry and thudding foundation, creating a tropically depressed grog. Cutting through the lacquer with a glossy shimmer, producer Swami John Reis (Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes) coaxes a tightly wound, rigid backdrop for vocalist Jacob Turnbloom’s morose-pop delivery.

Lyrically far more non-linear than their 2012 debut album Strange Heaven, Bermuda echoes the familiar self-deprecating humor that is heavily present in the band’s prior work, but focuses less on interpersonal relationships, favoring broader inspirations of alienation and melodrama. Themes of gentrification, addiction, religion and the intoxicating aroma of modern day conspiracy theories wrestle against a bright and tight sonic terrain. This is the ghetto of Kokomo.

Bermuda has a boozy and breezy island malaise on the surface. But once submerged, the listener is exposed to confusion, nihilism and the notion that even with all of our technology and omnipresence of big brother, essentially we are all still very lost.
" such sobering times, Hideout’s music shines through the clouds. “I Got Your Message” is a gorgeous little homemade pop song, clicking jaunty hooks and overlapping vocals together with comforting ease." ––Billboard

"“Doctor” is a triumphant psych-pop groove, driven by a rock-solid rhythm section and beautified by lots of gorgeous high-end twinkling." ––Stereogum

HIDEOUT is Manhattan-based songwriter Gabriel Rodriguez, who's also a longtime member of indie-pop band, Cults. His sophomore album 'So Many Hoops/So Little Time' is due out February 3rd 2017 via Small Plates Records.

It’s been two years since the release of Hideout’s debut album 'Rookie' (Thrill Me Records, 2014) and in that time many things have changed for Rodriguez. Most tragically, the passing of his brother. 'So Many Hoops/So Little Time' deals with grief in different spectrums –– the album ranges both sonically & lyrically from whimsical space-pop to crushing acoustic vulnerability. There isn’t a singular concept or message, but the deeper you delve into Hideout’s world the more you feel nostalgia and a sense of loss.

Hideout began as a recording project. The majority of 'Rookie' was recorded while on the road with Cults. Rodriguez took advantage of the downtime by tracking songs in hotel rooms or at friends’ homes. Fast-forward to the forthcoming 'So Many Hoops. . .' –– mixed by Loren Humphrey (Nice As Fuck, Cults, Guards) at Stockholm Syndrome Sound Studio in Bushwick, NY –– the recording process was far more linear than 'Rookie'. The album evolved predominantly at Rodriguez’s apartment while the surrounding turmoil of loss sunk in. Emotionally charged, he turned to the art of songwriting & storytelling to help navigate through the many answerless questions.

Now a fully realized band, Hideout has been performing live with a rotating cast of New York musicians over the past year. It’s just the beginning.
Calcutta Kid
Calcutta Kid
I'm Calcutta Kid. I make sitar/ raga based home recordings. For over ten years I was 1/4th of the San Diego band The Donkeys. Now I'm putting out music as Calcutta Kid and also in a band called Weird Night. These scales and types of melodies are centuries old. Enjoy!
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Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92104