Michigan Rattlers

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Michigan Rattlers


Sunday, October 28, 2018

8:00 pm

Soda Bar


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Michigan Rattlers
Michigan Rattlers
Upholding a time-honored songwriting tradition, Michigan Rattlers recount human stories through a soundtrack of Americana punctuated by countrified rock'n'roll and folk. The subjects of their 2016 self-titled debut EP practically live and breathe between Graham Young's rustling guitar and Adam Reed's percussive upright bass. Born in Petoskey, MI and based in Los Angeles, the duo's music plays out like a film.

"All of my favorite songs tell stories," says Graham. "It's the most important part. They're about people trying to overcome life's obstacles. That's what it always comes back to."

Lifelong friends Graham and Adam began writing music and performing together in their Northern Michigan high school. Residing in a quiet tourist town of 6,000 located on the banks of Lake Michigan, the pair regularly played every bar, cafe, and stage in town, developing an inimitable musical chemistry informed by the likes of AC/DC, Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and more. Adam headed to Ohio for college as Graham went to Illinois, but upon graduation, Graham beckoned Adam to move to Los Angeles so they could start a band. A four-day cross-country road trip gave birth to Michigan Rattlers.

Settling down in Los Angeles, the boys recorded a short demo and began playing locally. The demo found its way into the hands of super producer Johnny K (Plain White T's, 3 Doors Down), and they cut the bulk of their first EP at NRG Studios in just one day.

"My favorite music is recorded that way," continues Adam. "You get in a room, plug in, and cut songs live. The energy of the recording comes directly from the physical performance, and it puts the listener into that specific time and place."

The first single, "Illinois Sky," rolls from an energetic acoustic guitar into an expansive refrain that's immediate and infectious, following "Midwestern boys out on our own headed for a life of treasure."

"I started writing it when I was living in Chicago, and I finished it when I got to LA," recalls Graham. "It was something I'd been working on for a while. Sort of covers the journey. It's really sad, but it's also upbeat. I look at it as a love letter to living in Chicago and that time. You've got the image."

Culminating on a lyrical guitar lead, "Sweet Diane" weaves a narrative of newfound love in the aftermath of loss driven by Graham's robust delivery. "That was totally fiction," he continues. "It's a straightforward story. A guy knows this girl. The girl lost her husband. He gets the courage to ask her out from there."

"Strain of Cancer" recounts a heartbreaking tale he witnessed firsthand. "I used to work at Starbucks, and I wrote it about this guy I worked with," he goes on. "He had a kid with this girl. Things didn't work out. He only saw his son twice a month or something. He was always meeting with his lawyer about child support. He was just losing everything. It was a horrible situation. I felt for the guy. I thought about him and put it into a song."

As for their moniker? It's a name that lets you in on where they're from and who they are. "A Michigan Rattler is an actual snake," Adam explains. "There aren't a lot of them." As the duo gets ready to share their tales with the world, listeners far and wide will soon find that like the elusive reptile, a sound like theirs is hard to find.
Ypsitucky is a new group formed by El Monte Slim’s Ian Trumbull. While the Slim are on temporary hold, Michigan transplant Trumbull added Slim’s rhythm section of Ruben Ramos (bass) and Paul Brewin (drums) to his guitar, vocals, and songwriting. No pedal steel player, but the new ingredient is fiddler Heather Vorwerck, who was featured in spots on the Slim’s 2013 If I Could Just Break Even. The band name? It’s what you call someone from Ypsilanty, Michigan (Trumbull’s old stomping grounds) when you want to start something. Their new EP is New Old Lady.

Retaining Trumbull’s strong songwriting, the six-tune package (recorded by Christopher Hoffee) adds some bluegrass feel to Slim’s blue-collar country. “No Reserves” jumps on the gas from the starting gate, an energetic country rocker which grinds just right, with Vorwerck standing out. The lyrics to all of the songs are in the sleeve, and “What a Mess” keeps the juices flowing, as Trumbull relates personal tribulations in another full-throttle arrangement.

The band shows an eclectic edge with “Better Watch Your Back Boy,” a catchy 3/4 ballad with a great hook that pulls influences from old folk as well as grass sources. While there are no weak tracks, the best is likely “Bruiser,” telling the tale of a woman who “Keeps her ring on for every swing/ Gets it resized every time.” The tune rocks, and with the fiddle helping, it rings early Jackson Browne bells. Throughout, Ypsitucky’s New Old Lady is tasty, enjoyable roots music. ––San Diego Troubadour
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Soda Bar
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