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Matthew Thiessen (of Relient K), Krigarè

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

The Irenic

$22.00 - $89.00

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Since day one, ​MAE​ have always lived at the intersection of art and innovation.

The band – comprised of Dave Elkins, Jacob Marshall, and Zach Gehring – formed in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2001, using their name to represent the overarching concept of Multisensory Aesthetic Experience.

It’s an element they’ve weaved through their art their entire career, from a pair of beloved underground albums for Tooth & Nail Records that helped define new-millennium emo (2003’s ​Destination: Beautiful​ ​and 2005’s ​The Everglow​) through the steadfast blue-sky ingenuity of their live show: In 2016 at the Tower of David in Jerusalem, Mae became the first band to perform a synced virtual reality concert experience.
The trio’s desire to exist as far more than just a sonic expression ultimately lays the blueprint for exploration and empowerment – and that dogged sense of growth and experimentation is perhaps brighter than ever on their fourth full-length album, ​Multisensory Aesthetic Experience,​ due out November 16, 2018 on Tooth & Nail Records.
Multisensory Aesthetic Experience​ marks the band’s first LP since 2007’s Singularity​ (released via Capitol to critical and fan acclaim alike) and their first new music since reforming for anniversary performances of ​Destination: Beautiful in 2013 and ​The Everglow​ in 2015.

It was during the sold-out shows celebrating ​The Everglow​ that Mae truly realized the impact their art had on listeners around the world: the tales of lives soundtracked by their music, the tattoos of lyrics and album artwork inked on the arms of fans – some of whom even named their children after the band.

These stories of personal connection boldly underscored the deep influence of Mae’s music on an entire generation of underground music fans, along with the power of the emotional resonant themes flowing through every aspect of their creative output. Ultimately, they buoyed the band as the trio began a new chapter.

Informed by Elkins’ smooth vocals and effortless melodic sensibilities, the 11-song collection is undoubtedly Mae. But there’s a new sense of groove imbued throughout tracks like the funk-heavy “Kaleidoscope” and stirring “Autonomy,” the angular alt-rock of “5 Light Years” and pitter-patter pop gem “Let It Die.” It’s the sound of the band honing in on negative space and using it to give their songs a newfound dynamic that ultimately guide the album as a whole.

But for as much as ​Multisensory Aesthetic Experience​ represents a new direction for Mae’s music, it’s the ​other​ aspects of the band’s new chapter that will propel them moving forward. The band’s tours in support of the album will be unlike any they’ve undertaken, with an increased reliance on virtual reality bringing the swelling soundscapes to life like never before – and special Mae Day celebrations that swirl lights and sounds into their most fully immersive experience yet. They even hope to curate a special meal fans can enjoy while listening to the album. It’s all in an effort to bring audiences closer to Mae’s true multisensory mission.

“When we tour again and tell a new story, we have opportunities we’ve never even considered, even though the band has been called Multisensory Aesthetic Experience for a long time and put out so many releases,” Elkins says.

“You have to meet people where they are instead of asking people to come back to where they’ve been. It’s a theme to the album: Keep moving forward. It’s another reason why the band is doing this. When there’s growth and everything feels new, it’s harder and harder to do that. But it’s ​always​ possible. If you keep up with that growth, how can you not have your expectations and mind blown?” XX
Matthew Thiessen (of Relient K)
Singer and songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.
Venue Information:
The Irenic
3090 Polk Ave.
San Diego, CA, 92104